Throughout our journey, I want to build mutual respect




I want us to

allow ourselves to take risks.





For me, that means having open communication through my blogs, articles, website, and email. It means having interesting content and media. I want to hear your comments. I want to know the topics that interest you, so I can write about those. What are your steepest learning curves? Let’s sort those out. Is motivation an issue – and hey, that’s me in a nutshell – we’ll prod each other forward.

If motivation is an issue for you, be sure to check out my alter-ego – The One-eyed Philosopher. She offers tips on how to kick-start yourself when your gas tank is low and you just can’t seem to write along with other advice and ramblings.

There’s an ongoing series called Cultivating Characters that is updated once or twice a week. Hopefully, at the end of it, I might be able to put it all into a book for you.

Do you make grammar gaffes, inserting commas where they have no right to be or dangling your participles? Go to Grammar Buzz, a regular guest blog from a retired teacher and friend.


Our Writer’s Journey is here to help when you’re struggling with that paragraph or a character who just falls flat…like so often happens.


Along the way, I hope I teach you tips and techniques to carry you through your writing careers. There’s help with writing and editing and everything in between. I’ve spent hours studying…days, weeks, months even. And, I want to share that knowledge with you. In exchange, you can ignite my imagination!

I want this to be your “go to place” for answers. And, given time and membership, we can be exactly that!

I lead the Coursera Community on Scribophile. I would love to see you there. (Basic membership is free!)


If there are specific things you struggle with or have a question, please use the contact form below.

I’d love to hear from you!