When I was younger, I didn’t have lofty dreams…

I grew up in a part of southern Ontario that could be compared to the American Midwest. It could have been anywhere from Detroit, Michigan to Youngstown, Ohio. It was a steel town that got pounded hard during the 1980’s. Car manufacturers like Ford, Chrysler and GM moved their plants elsewhere in the world to conduct their business less expensively and to avoid regulation laws. Steel manufacturers and car part plants closed and small businesses like boutiques and restaurants soon followed.

My dreams were simple. All I wanted was a decent job. And, I managed to get one through hard work, determination, and completing school.

Writing and publishing are lofty goals – let’s get that out of the way. But, if you must dream, dream big. Why not shoot for the stars? What’s stopping you? That’s right…nothing is holding you back from setting what some may consider outlandish goals.

Except you. 

I entered adulthood with much insecurity – both financial and personal. They were ingrained in me from an early age. But still, we dream whether large or small.


Why do we always want more or to be better? What’s inside each of us that allow us the freedom to strive for greater things?

I believe it’s because of our insecurities that we can rise above them. By becoming aware of what is potentially holding us back we can overcome it. When we can face our insecurities and overcome them, our dreams will appear less lofty. We develop the confidence to set even higher goals than before.

Whether you dream of an easier life or winning the much-coveted publishing lottery, it is important to dream. But, we must also examine the reasons that are holding us back. Start thinking this way and your goals will seem closer and within reach.

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