Frostbeard Studios Booklovers Candles

I was looking for gift ideas for book lovers and stumbled onto the website of Frostbeard Studios.

This enterprising couple began their journey into candle making because one of the owners, Roxie, couldn’t find a library scented candle. So, she took matters into her own hands, and Frostbeard’s first candle was born – Oxford Library

The candles run from about $18. USD to $24. Not a bad price to be able to close your eyes and drift away to Sherlock’s study or make your home smell like a bookstore.












They also offer soy tarts, sample packs, apparel and gift cards.

I’m not affiliated with Frostbeard studios – I just wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy these candles yourselves or gift them. I have a lot of people in mind who would love to have one of these.

Check out their website for the full story on this industrious couple and to order candles. Roxie and Tom are a true inspiration!


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