I was thinking this morning, as I’ve been known to do (sometimes to my own detriment). And I started thinking about what I was doing…I mean really doing here.

I know, rather philosophical for 7 AM. Sometimes I not only consider the fact that I might be walking around life with only one eye open, but that I consider these things – literally with one eye open.

I don’t mean what am I doing here in that never-answered question of the meaning of life. It’s more a sense of what am I doing writing and where am I going with it?

I have lots of ideas. I love mentoring at Coursera. I’m no spring chicken – closer to a rubber one. Yet, I’m changing my career path. I have changed my career path. I’ve been fortunate to be able to do so. I’m not seeing the $$$ yet, and may never, but for now, it’s enough to help people towards their goals while trying to reach mine. Hopefully, the cash will flow someday, or trickle at least.

What got me thinking about all this is that I began a Specialization on Monday through Coursera. I enrolled in The Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization. I am starting with the Foundations of Leadership course. Financial aid is also available.

I enrolled in the course to help me learn how to better motivate people. I figured I’d certainly learn something worthwhile…and, I am. I’ve barely scratched the surface and it’s a highly interesting course.

This morning, sipping my tea, I dove a little deeper into why I’m adding this to an already overflowing plate. Yes, it will help my immediate future. So, now I’m thinking I have this goal of completing yet another Specialization! Why do we push ourselves this hard? Seriously, what would I do with that certificateI’ll tell you what – show it to my kids and yell, “See! You can do anything you set your mind to!”

A year ago, I would have spit out my tea if someone had told me I would write a novel and publish – but, that is as real to me now as my cats are.

Who is to say why or when our goals and dreams change? Sometimes we don’t even know we are altering the course of our life by making small choices that, when added together, form a big choice.

This was a very long-winded way of me asking you to reflect on your goals and dreams. Obviously, we would all like to publish. As you are going deeper into the writing world, are you also discovering other hidden talents you never knew you had? Are you focusing on developing certain areas of your writing so you become somewhat of an authority on the topic?

Is writing going to be your main focus, with tentacles reaching into the world of editing and publishing? I’m really interested in knowing these things…it’s a good peek into human nature.

So, tell us. How has your life changed since taking on writing? Are you now focusing on other things than you were previously? What are your short-term goals? Long-term ones? You don’t have to get personal, just share a little something about your dreams for your future. Maybe it has nothing to do with writing at all…