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Characterization Part 1 – Direct

This is the first of two posts on characterization.   When you’re trying to figure out who your character is, it’s like trying to identify a different species. Sometimes it goes well… Sometimes it doesn’t…          … Continue reading →

Characterization Part 2 ~ Indirect

This is the second half a two part series on Characterization. Read Part 1 here. Yesterday, I talked about direct characterization where the general rule is we tell the reader what we want them to know. Today, I’ll discuss indirect… Continue reading →

8 rejection letters to famous authors

So, I’m tooling around the web the other day, watching all the shiny things go by, avoiding work when I come across these 8 rejection letters to famous authors such as John Updike, John Steinbeck, and J. K. Rowling. You’re in… Continue reading →

I despise that little…

I despise that little bastard. You know him. He’s that Passive Voice in your head…the one that keeps whittling his way into your writing.   He’s the turd that slows your story down with a few simple words like “the… Continue reading →

19 Tips to Guide You in your Journey to your 2nd Draft

It took months, possibly years, but the words are on the page. You have written a book! Now comes the hard part. Now comes… The Nightmare that is Your Second Draft   It can seem that overwhelming. But, I’m here… Continue reading →

How to omit speech tags AND amp up your action

  Speech tags. They are here to stay. But, are they necessary? Speech tags are my nemesis and here’s why: There’s always a better way to indicate which character is speaking. Let me repeat that: There’s always a better way… Continue reading →

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