I’m very excited about writing this series. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time. I’ve always considered myself more of a character driven person than plot. Even though I know both are inextricably combined, I favour characters.


Sure, with a plot you can add twists and turns

But you don’t get the same excitement from building a character from scratch, all the little intricate details that come from deep within your  mind and end up as part of your character.

So, join me as we move through the weeks learning how to enrich our characters and their lives. Leave comments or questions about things that you have the most trouble with and I’ll try to help you through the series.

I learned a lot from reading David Corbett and K.M. Weiland, but most will be of my own devising.

I hope you enjoy my character building series and that you learn a lot from it.