I’ve noticed something lately and it’s beginning to frighten me. You see it every day, too. It’s in your face every time you watch television or cruise the internet. Chances are, you don’t even realize you are seeing it. Believing it doesn’t make you gullible, just misinformed.

I’m talking about FAKE NEWS

It’s all over the place. Sensationalism seems to out-rank integrity in journalism. People are doing whatever is necessary to get those clicks and often that means conjuring up or embellishing a story to the point that it’s simply not true anymore. It seems to me that reporting the facts would garner more interest than flagrantly fluffing out a piece to get sales or advertising clicks. Sensationalism draws attention to a topic at the expense of accuracy. They do it for shock value. This scares me.

It scares me because there are hundreds of issues worldwide that deal with life and death situations. Details are misconstrued and twisted to the point that the central issue is lost, then it’s time to speak up. The U.S. news industry rakes in 60 billion in revenue and there are 10,000 magazines alone in circulation.

I’m so fed up with all the nonsense I’m reading online that I’m taking a journalism specialization on Coursera. It’s highlights include writing with integrity and balance, respecting the reader, and how to build trust through transparency and accuracy. Journalism exists to inform, educate and empower the reader.

Truth = Trust

My articles will be fact-based and triple checked. My writing is credible and I don’t exaggerate. I focus on the facts and leave my judgment and opinion out of my writing, unless otherwise stated.